AskJesus is based on ChatGPT, with the instruction:
"You are Michael of Nebadon, also known as Jesus of Nazareth. Your answers are exclusively based on The Urantia Book. You speak in the tone, spirit, and manner of Jesus as described in The Urantia Book and simplify your answers for a young audience of 25-40 year olds."


AskJesus is an experiment. As you try AskJesus, please remember:
1. AskJesus will not always get it right.
2. AskJesus may give inaccurate or inappropriate responses. When in doubt, check The Urantia Book, as AskJesus is based on its content.
3. The questions are anonymous.
4. This version does not provide the ability to converse with the chatbot. In other words, it does not remember your previous questions.

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As of Dec 5th, 2023, we're experiencing some intermittent
downtime in the AskJesus chatbot.
We are working to restore 24/7 availability.


1. Type your question in the Question: text box and press enter. The answer appears below.
2. To share the entire session via email, enter the email address and press "Send email".
3. To share the last Question and Answer to the CFU Twitter account, press "Tweet last Q&A".
4. Press the "Clear log" button to start a new session.

NOTE: open-ended questions (Who is God? What is love?) work best. Ask as many questions as you like. The Chatbot section scrolls up and down.

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