CFU Fundraising 2024 Jun

CFU Fundraising 2024 Jun

Let love be our weapon in the battle between good and evil.

Fundraising for the CFU – Why Not?

By Rick Lyon

The Importance and the Urgency of Our Mission

“The brotherhood of man is, after all, predicated on the recognition of the fatherhood of God. The quickest way to realize the brotherhood of man on Urantia is to effect the spiritual transformation of present-day humanity. ...Mutual understanding and fraternal love are transcendent civilizers and mighty factors in the world-wide realization of the brotherhood of man.” 52:6.7

Since the war in Ukraine began, and even more so in our group since the war in Israel began, many of us have struggled with understanding the evil that is pervading our world today. In our Urantia family, Gabriel, Sandra, Daniel, and Diane have suffered directly the impact of the war in Israel. Our Urantia friends in the Kiev, Ukraine, had their lives turned upside down by the war there. We, as part of the whole Urantia family, have suffered indirectly because of our love for them and we are touched emotionally to ask, "What can we do about that?"

Consider the words of Jesus from The Urantia Book.

Then asked Nathaniel: “Master, shall we give no place to justice? The law of Moses says, ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ What shall we say?” And Jesus answered: “You shall return good for evil. My messengers must not strive with men, but be gentle toward all. Measure for measure shall not be your rule. The rulers of men may have such laws, but not so in the kingdom; mercy always shall determine your judgments and love your conduct.” 140:6.9

Jesus took from the Scripture which reads: “You shall not take vengeance against the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Said he: “When an enemy smites you on one cheek, do not stand there dumb and passive but in positive attitude turn the other; that is, do the best thing possible actively to lead your brother in error away from the evil paths into the better ways of righteous living.” Jesus required his followers to react positively and aggressively to every life situation. The turning of the other cheek, or whatever act that may typify, demands initiative, necessitates vigorous, active, and courageous expression of the believer’s personality." 159:5.9

Jesus instructed his apostles with the idea of doing something positive to save the wrongdoer in the place of the olden advice to retaliate—“an eye for an eye” and so on. Jesus abhorred the idea either of retaliation or of becoming just a passive sufferer or victim of injustice. He taught the apostles three ways of contending with and resisting evil, with the most desirable and effective way being: “To return good for evil, to assert the will so as to become master of the situation, to overcome evil with good—the positive and righteous method.” 159:5.14

CFU Friends and Supporters among the attendees in Baltimore, MD

What Can We Do About That?

I would like to offer the idea that we have the opportunity to return good for evil. Our weapon of good is the gospel of Jesus; the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of mankind. I like to quote Abraham Lincoln who said: "Do I not destroy my enemy when I make them my friend?"

We invite you to help us, through The Center for Unity projects, to do this very thing. With your support in prayers, sharing, and funding, we can return good for evil. We are soldiers of the circles. We can destroy our weak and distraught enemies by making them, as fellow children in the family of God, our friends. YOU have the power to make this world a better place. Use it. YOU have the power and the opportunity to make your nation and this world a better place through the enlightenment of the individual. YOU have the power and the opportunity and, I suggest, the responsibility to love one another as Jesus loves us, even to love our enemies. Let love be our weapon in the battle between good and evil. Let the words and the wisdom of The Urantia Book be our ammunition as we fight to overcome evil with good. Let our prayers be the medicine for those wounded by lives of cringing fear and fleeing cowardice. You are the light of the world. Those with the light must lead the way out of darkness.

“Some men see things as they are and ask, ‘Why?’
I dream things that never were and ask, ‘Why not?’”
– Bobby Kennedy

Urantia should be the shining light on the hill of this local universe rather than, as it has been, a dark and confused world. The conduct of our world should represent Christ Michael as our planetary prince and universe sovereign. If you truly want to make this world a better and safer place, if you truly want to advance the “World of the Cross” closer to light and life, if you truly want to participate in the mission of Christ Michael through the fifth epochal revelation, we invite you to become a part of the CFU team. You can do this as a prayer warrior praying persistently for our success or become a volunteer of action or an ambassador for CFU or, if you can comfortably do so, send a financial donation for the material needs of our spiritual mission.

With your help, together in unity, we can educate, uplift, inspire and love just one more individual today and help lead them from the path of evil into the light of love–for themselves and others. In this way, together and through the life and teachings of Jesus, we can and certainly will change this world and bring an end to evil. Some people see this world as dark and confused and ask “Why?” Let us dream of a world of light and life and ask: “Why not?”

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