Discover Jesus: Status 2024 Feb

Discover Jesus: Status 2024 Feb

We are truly grateful for Gary's remarkable skill in weaving these images into the narrative.

Discover Jesus – Update

By Mike Robinson


Jesus' combined nature – human and divine – by Gary Tonge and Midjourney

After launching the Discover Jesus website on our new platform of in January, we are continuing to add new articles to the site and enrich the reader experience for desktop and mobile visitors to the site. Our devotion to the project is steadfast and we are all invested in making the most thorough and user-friendly site that is based on the Life and Teachings of Jesus in The Urantia Book.


As mentioned in last month's newsletter, the Discover Jesus website has been optimized for viewing on mobile phones and tablets. We all know how important our phones have become for accessing internet content and we continue to optimize features with our mobile users in mind.


We now have just under 200 published essays with profile images on the Discover Jesus website (up from 175 last month). When we factor in the number of essays that are written and pending editing and image creation, we have just under 300 essays. That means that we are now half way to our goal of 600 total articles that will cover Part IV of the book.

It's an amazing benchmark to hit and we are continuing to receive and add content from our dedicated and prolific volunteer writers who create an original exposition of a Person, Group, Relationship, Event, Location, Object, or Topic from Part IV of The Urantia Book.


Gary Tonge is continuing to create images and paint for the Discover Jesus website and is using the Midjourney AI program to produce an initial draft before he completes the work himself. His talent is indispensable to the Discover Jesus platform and his skill at creating new art is what fuels the beauty of our site.

We are truly grateful for Gary's remarkable skill in weaving these images into the narrative and his readiness to exceed expectations in order to enrich the experience for every visitor to our website.


This project continues to be an enormous undertaking, and a group of enthusiastic Urantia Book students is devoted to its completion. Software development continues with input on user experience and interface. We continue to work on marketing and fundraising to increase traffic to the site. And we have so many writers and others who are contributing through their incredible investment of time.

Please consider helping us with a donation and thank you for being part of this journey and for your continued support in 2024!

Now that the mobile version of is completed, this will be added to our Google campaign about the time you are reading this. Keep in mind that all this is not just for fundraising but to let people know what we (you and all of us together) have created. People cannot benefit from these projects unless they first know how to find them and how to use them. Fundraising supports what we are doing but putting this revelation into action to help people live their daily lives, solve problems, and get closer to God is why we are doing this.

Here is a chart from the Google Analytics showing the age groups for those clicking on our Google ad and for the conversions, those who are taking some action when they visit the AskJesus chatbot or our website.