Cinematic Jesus

A film and streaming series based on The Urantia Book.

About This Project

Cinematic Jesus is a film series that brings to life the untold stories of Jesus, as depicted in Part IV of The Urantia Book. This isn't your typical Jesus narrative; it's a new, high-quality production that aims to reintroduce Jesus and his powerful message to a new generation.

We're not just retelling the same old stories. We're bringing Jesus to life as a relatable figure you can get to know on a personal level. You'll see his struggles, mission, and unique human-divine nature.

We're not about pushing religious dogma. We're about setting the record straight and revealing the truth about Jesus. We want to engage young people who might feel disconnected from traditional religious interpretations.

Our source isn't the traditional Christian Gospels. We're using The Urantia Book, which offers ten times more detail about Jesus' life and teachings. It's a unique perspective written by celestial beings present during Jesus' life.

Cinematic Jesus is for everyone, especially those seeking truth, inspiration, and guidance. It's a transformative cinematic experience that can deepen your understanding of Jesus' message and its relevance to our lives today.

Cinematic Jesus

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